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Call Me Ozz Dot Net has been the leader in Karaoke in Albuquerque since 2012. But we didn’t stop there! We also promote Live Music, Comedy, Live Theater, Bowling, Open Mic, Dining Out, Brew Houses, Fine Arts, Sports, Magic Shows, Billiards, Darts, Foosball, Under 21/Over 18, Family Stuff, Dance, Seasonal and Coffee Houses.

If it’s Local Entertainment, Local Venues, we are there!

Call Me Ozz Dot Net is the creator of the largest karaoke competition in the state, the third largest in the United States and have created Karaoke Season ©™ with the annual New Mexico State Fair Karaoke Showcase.

Call Me Ozz Dot Net survives on event promotions, social media marketing, website building and management, and advertising sales. Therefore, general information on finding places to go do things will always be free! However, we would like to share our talent with other states. Therefore, we have a business plan to expand:

                Call Me Ozz in the East: From Santa Rosa to Little Rock, Arkansas
                Call Me Ozz in the West: From Grants to California
                Call Me Ozz in the North: From Santa Fe to Denver
                Call Me Ozz in the South: From Socorro to Juarez

To make this expansion happen we need capitol, mostly to pay personnel. That’s a good thing, that means Call Me Ozz helps employ more people!

Therefore, we are now offering a Call Me Ozz Premium Membership!

As a Call Me Ozz Premium Member:

                Free Call Me Ozz T-Shirt with a year membership.

                Free Call Me Ozz Hoodie or 2 T-Shirts with a two-year membership.

             You will be entered in the monthly drawing. This will be a minimum of a $50 value. For example: Gift Card from one of our participating     venues. Call Me Ozz Merchandise. Concert Tickets. Etc.

               20% Discount on any Call Me Ozz Merchandise.

              Discounted entry or tickets on Call Me Ozz promoted events.

               Early Release Tickets.

               Early Newsletter release.

              Double entries in Sing n Wins, or similar events, promoted by Call Me Ozz.

              Additional Prize Money. For example: New Mexico State Fair Karaoke Showcase:
                            First Place Prize for a non-premium member: $500
                            First Place Prize for a premium member: $600

              Discounts at participating venues.

              Exclusive chat room.

            Percentage of Call Me Ozz net sales dividends. (5% of total sales* paid out equally to all active members, until November 2024. Paid bi-annually)

            You may purchase multiple memberships! (This increases chances to win in the monthly drawing, sing n wins, and percentage of dividend pay outs.)

Get aboard while we are in our new 500-member drive. For a limited time, we are offering:

Purchase a Premium Membership for one Year, get another year FREE.
Purchase a Two-Year Premium Membership, get three years FREE.

Call Me Ozz Premium Membership is only $5 per month, billed annually.

Therefore, for a limited time, when you purchase a one-year premium membership, you will get two years of membership benefits for only $60 (plus tax). That’s only $2.50 per month!

If you purchase a two-year membership, you will get five years for only $120 (plus tax). That’s only $2 per month!

You may also purchase multiple memberships. By doing this, you will increase your entries in the monthly drawings, in sing n wins, etc., as well increase in dividends pay out.  For example, if you had 5, one-year memberships, you would have 5 drawing entries each month, if you were in a sing n win, you would have 10 entries per song, etc. The sales dividends would pay out 5 times. You will also receive 5 shirts, etc. There is no limit on how many memberships you may have. You will have to submit a separate application for each membership.

To become a Premium Member, fill out the quick application, submit your payment, and you’ll be good to go! We will send you a link to the Premium Website with a passcode.

ONE YEAR (Buy One Year Get One Year FREE)
TWO YEAR (Buy Two Years-Get Three Years FREE)